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What is IT SelfServ

IT SelfServ turns your existing ticketing system into an automated self service portal. To put it in simple terms, IT SelfServ will resolve service requests* without IT lifting a finger.

*At this time, only Account Provisioning, Account Deactivation, User Account Management, Distribution List Creation and Distribution LIst Membership Management service requests can be completed without any IT intervention. 

Who Can Benefit from IT SelfSERV

Any IT department, Tech Support company and/or MSP that currently supports Microsoft Exchange© and Office 365©  and wants an automated Self Service Portal. IT SelfServ doesn’t replace your existing Ticketing system, it works behind the scenes automating it so your end-users and admins won’t have to learn anything new.

Improve SLA Time Commitments

IT SelfServ decreases key SLA metrics such as Lead Time, Turnaround Time, Wait Time and Time to First Response by reducing service request completion times from days or hours to minutes. This will improve overall customer satisfaction and provide a major improvement to your overall SLA Time Commitment success rate.

Reduce excessive overhead

Every IT department or Technical Support company is stretched because they are overwhelmed with end-user issues and requests daily.  IT SelfServ can process service requests 365/24/7 with no need for breaks, sick time or vacation time for less than the average cost of an entry-level Administrator. 

Customizable & Scalable

No company is alike and neither are their IT solution needs. IT SelfServ can be customized and scaled to meet our client’s unique requirements and customization requests.


IT SelfServ uses Rest APIs, Webhooks, database queries and Powershell scripts to integrate Trouble Ticket systems with Microsoft Exchange© and Office 365©. This provides compatibility with a variety of commercial and open-source ticketing systems on the market.

Scheduled Offboarding

No more off-hour calls to the on-call support agent or making sure IT is available before HR terminates an employee. Account Deactivation can be scheduled in advance for a date and time in the future. Immediate Account Deactivation requests can also be processed for emergency terminations.

Missing piece to the puzzle

IT SelfServ provides ZERO touch administration for User Account Provisioning, Account Management, and Distribution List Membership Management. Updating user account properties and distribution list membership has never been so easy. Your end users will LOVE it and IT!!!

Work Load Balance

Need help resolving short staff impacts when your team is tied up, out on vacation or dealing with multiple call-outs? Automating repetitive sys admin tasks will free up staff to work on higher priority tickets, problems or service outages. Just leave the mundane user account and distribution list admin tasks to IT SelfServ. 



Stop Using Paper and Email

Handwritten, scanned, faxed or emailed service requests should be a thing of the past. They can cause mistakes and delays in service due to bad handwriting, poor transmission quality, copy & pasting between two applications or needing to manually type in the information.

Start processing your Service Requests in minutes. Get started TODAY!

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What modules are available in IT SelfServ?

There are currently 6 different modules in IT SelfServ. These modules are all customizable depending on the client’s requirements and needs.

Account Provisioning: Creating a new User Account with a random generated secure password, adding a user license, selecting Distribution List membership and other customizations such as Exchange mailbox configuration to disable POP3 access.

Account Deactivation: Disabling an existing User Account. This module can be customized to the client’s requirements to block or delete the user, remove the user from the GAL (Global Address Book), remove the user license, remove the user from Distribution lists, convert the User mailbox to a Shared Mailbox, etc.

Create a New Distribution List: Entering the Distribution List name, selecting the Manager for the list, configuring if External Senders are allowed, enabling/disabling Moderation and adding members to the Distribution List.

Add / Remove a User in Distribution Lists: Manage an individual user’s membership in multiple Distribution Lists.

Distribution List Membership Management: Manage a Distribution List’s membership by adding or removing users.

User Account Management: Manage a user’s Firstname, Lastname, Displayname, Title, Phone, or Department. Additional properties can also be added depending on the client’s requirements and needs.

How much does it cost?

Great question! Each solution is customized to the client’s specific needs and requirements. Once your exact requirements are determined, a price quote will be provided with all of the details spelled out before any money is exchanged or any work is started.

Does IT SelfServ charge one-time or monthly?

IT SelfServ charges a one-time setup fee to customize the service to the client’s requirements. Then a monthly recurring subscription fee that entitles the subscribing company to unlimited service request processing and support. YES, you read that correctly. This is the perfect solution for any size company or organization including companies with high turnover. You will not incur any additional monthly charges if your usage goes up.

Is there an annual contract?

No. There are no annual contracts to signup for with IT SelfServ. You are charged monthly and can cancel your subscription at any time without being charged any cancellation fees.

Where is the user data stored?

The data is stored on YOUR in-house Ticketing system servers or in YOUR cloud-based Ticket system. IT SelfServ accesses your data via REST API’s, Webhooks, database queries and/or Powershell scripts and then processes the Service Requests.

How long will it take to setup?

Configuration times will vary per client due to varying requirements and custom requests. An estimated time to complete the configuration will be provided with the price quote after all of the requirements are collected.

Do you automate anything else?

Yes. In addition to IT  SelfServ, we also develop dynamic spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets that can send/receive data to/from MYSQL databases. If you are in need of some custom spreadsheet tools, please send us a message with a brief explanation of what you are looking for. Then one of our representatives will contact you to discuss in further detail.

Is there an IT SelfServ demo available?

Yes. We have developed an IT SelfServ demo. Currently, there is one using Connectwise and the other is using ServiceNOW. You will be able to test all 6 modules. Then you can log into the Microsoft Exchange© and/or the Office 365© admin dashboard to see the results from the submitted service request(s). Goto our Demo Page. More demos coming soon…

What email platform does IT SelfServ work with?

Currently, IT SelfServ is compatible with Microsoft Exchange© and Office 365©. However, if you would like another email system integrated with your Trouble Ticket system, please send us a message or submit a ticket. We will check to see if it is possible to integrate your requested Ticketing System and email platform.

Do I need to provide the infrastructure?

That’s up to you. Either you can provide a Windows Workstation or Server or we can use a server hosted in the Amazon or Azure Cloud. Some clients prefer to have the IT SelfServ tool running in-house on one of their servers or on a cloud provider they prefer. As long as it meets our minimum specifications with at least 2 CPUs and 2 GB of RAM, it should work fine with IT SelfServ. If you prefer that we host it, each client’s IT SelfServ instance will run on its own 2016 Microsoft Windows server instance. Both Amazon and Azure are scalable solution providers that are able to deliver a reliable, stable and secure service at a reasonable price.

What are your support hours?

Support hours are M-F 8am-8pm EST. You can submit a ticket 365/24/7 and one of our support representatives will respond.

Do you have any current clients?

Yes. However, due to respect for our clients’ privacy, we would not mention their names unless they gave us permission. The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta has graciously given us the ok to mention their name.

Will you contact our clients?

No! Absolutely not unless you give us written permission and instructions to contact your clients and work with them directly. Your clients will still remain your clients. You are our client and we will be working with you to provide an automated service request system to support your clients better. Think of us as your secret weapon to help make your clients happy. They don’t even have to know we exist because IT SelfServ works behind the scenes. To put your mind at ease, we can even sign a confidentiality or non-compete agreement.

Are you hiring?

IT SelfServ is always looking for bright and talented individuals to join our team. Please send your resume and position you would be interested in coming on board as to careers ‘at’

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